lost suitcase

On the 2nd of January 2011 we flew with Swiss Airlines directly from Zurich to Tel Aviv. You would expect a simple flight with no hiccups. Well, that’s what you think. But no. We saw our 2 suitcases disappear on the belt in Zurich. But only one of them showed up in Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. First it took us more than half an hour to pass through immigration. Getting to the baggage claim belts we had to discover that our flight number was nowhere to find. The lady at the information desk didn’t even look up to tell us “Lost and Found!”. Getting to the lost and found counter did not encourage us much. There were huge piles of suitcases obviously lost. It was a bit comical to hear the message “Please do not leave your baggage unattended” just in this moment… 🙂

The guy at the lost and found counter quickly consulted a list and told us “Belt 5”. Good to hear. And right there on the already stopped belt full of suitcases we found one of our suitcases. The second one was nowhere to find. Back to the lost and found counter. Fill out the form, have it stamped at customs and drop it at the counter again. The promise was to deliver the suitcase in Haifa at our address by the next day.

Update (03.01.2011, 15:00): The suitcase has been delivered in one piece and without missing a single thing this afternoon! That’s kinda cool!

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welcome to my blog

This blog got installed just yesterday (12.12.2010). Don’t expect the number of posts to explode in the near future. I will update this blog once in a while with anything that crosses my mind, I run into, discoveries I’ll make. If this is useful to you, very nice, if not, I don’t care!

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